Ingegneria del Software

For the Academic Year 2010/2011 the course has been incorporated in the “Gestione dei Processi” course.

The Software Engineering course (Ingegneria del Software) corcerns the students of Security (Sicurezza), new and old regulations.

The course describes the systems modeling and designing techniques, introducing the software as a product, the software life cycle and metrics, the UML desingning and the most widespread industrial standard for software components.

Final Exam Modality

The examination consists in the presentation of a project (max group of 3 people), which has to include, starting from the requirement analysis, all the UML diagram studied during the lessons, and of a written examination containg questions and a exercises on the entire course program. The project could be the one presented by the teacher for the current academic year,  or proposed by the student basing on his interests, experience, etc.

The project will be presented when ready, usually within a year from the examination date, making a date via mail to the teacher, or the Prof. Ceravolo or the Dott. Frati.

Incoming Lesson

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