Seminar: A Resilience Based View of Business Process Re-engineering and Other Matters

The lecture will introduce students to a view of BPE as both a resilience impacting and a resilience based process. Conceptual model of Organisational Resilience developed jointly with Carl Gibson and Shaharudin  Ismail will be presented and its implications for BPE projects presented. Problems with BPE projects, relating to true ROI and Post Adoption Trauma will also be discussed, again, from a resilience perspective.  A simple example of BPE post adoption adaption identified by Ernesto Damiani and Reed will be presented to illustrate the point.

Time permitting, the idea of Zero Adoption Impact Applications will be presented, and, for the good of the IT discipline, some comments on web page quality and design

About Karl Reed

reedKarl is a pioneer of software engineering education, and advocate for the indigenous information technology industry, advising State and Federal Governments formally and informally for nearly 30 years.  His visiting positions include RMIT University, Middlesex University, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering and very proudly at the University de Milano at Crema, Italy. He was the Director of the Amdahl Australian Intelligent Tools Program (1989-1996), and negotiated the 2008 Airservices AIXM contract. He was  Chair of the ACS National Software Industry Committee from May 1974 to 1988 leading the first Australian IT industry trade mission in 1982. In 1985, he established the ACS/Software Industry Association, Australia’s first National IT industry  association. He is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the ACS and past Director of its Computer Systems and Software Engineering Board.   He was a Governor of the IEEE-Computer Society (1997-2002), Chair of its Technical Council on Software Engineering (2000-2004). In 2008, he received the CORE Australian Distinguished Service Award. His research includes software testing,  Compilable restricted natural languages, Web-page design, high-level software re-use, design isomorphisms, process comparison, software architecture, email usage, organisational resilience, cloud computing and industry policy. He has an Associate Diploma in Communication engineering and a research MSc in Computer Architecture. He loves cooking, cheap wine, photography and buying cameras, and power tools for the man-cave, which he sometimes uses.