Personalised learning & collaborative working environmentsfostering social creativity and innovations inside the organisations


The EC FP7 funded project ARISTOTELE will enhance learning and training of the workers within their organisations defining and developing models, methodologies, technologies and tools to support the emergence of competences and creativity by self-organizing acquisition, processing and sharing of new information and knowledge with peers.

To achieve this ARISTOTELE will design and develop a prototype platform presenting, as key differentiators, capabilities to support: i) creation and execution of personalised learning activities supporting an hybrid (adaptive and non-adaptive) strategy, ii) innovation building and management processes and iii) collaborative knowledge exploitation and acquisition during the daily worker activities. Human factors such as motivation to collaborate and share knowledge and innovative ideas within organisations will be considered and addressed in the designing and developing of the ARISTOTELE platform, including adoption inside organisations.

The core of the solution starts from an already existing platform for the creation of personalised and adaptive Learning Experiences on-demand, based on suitable domain and learner models and didactical strategies, that will be extended in terms of models, methodology and functionalities towards the organisations, together with the integration, cooperation and covering of other related organisational issues like Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management and innovation management.

Several challenging and interdisciplinary research themes are concerned with the project such as didactic modelling, collaborative innovation and working environments, knowledge management and discovery, collective intelligence, adaptive and non adaptive learning strategies.

The project enables substantial improvements with respect to the state-of-the-art in the specific areas mentioned before, taking into account the results in the area of adaptive learning, organisational learning considering also the main EC projects on TEL approved.



ARISTOTELE is funded by the
European Commission, Framework 7


Ernesto Damiani
Professor - Lab Coordinator