Privacy-First Situational Awareness Platform for Violent Terrorism and Crime Prediction, Counter Radicalisation and Citizen Protection


The ultimate goal of the CounteR solution is to provide law enforcement agencies and Internet providers and social media platforms with an Early-warning tool to be used in the detection of potential radical content for the prevention of radicalisation spread and ultimately life-threatening terrorist attacks.

The CounteR project will develop a tool for taking down quickly and accurately the terrorism content online, and, at the same time, preserve the privacy protection and data anonymization of the content.

The CounteR solution’s ultimate goal is to provide law enforce­ment agencies (LEAs), Internet providers, and social media platforms with an early-warning tool to be used in the detection of radical content online for preventing the spread of radicalisation and, ultimately, life-threatening terrorist attacks

CounteR is funded from the European Commission’s H2020 Programme. The duration is 36 months and the total amount of the project is  € 6 994 812 EUR. 19 organisations from 11 EU Member States (Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain) are participating in the project.


Marco Anisetti

Claudio A. Ardagna

Chiara Braghin

Sadegh M. Astaneh

Antongiacomo Polimeno
Ph.D. Students