Advanced Security Service cERTificate for SOA


The term “certification” has several different meanings in ICT. Software practitioners can earn a certificate for expertise in a certain hardware or software technology. The maturity of crucial IT processes, such as software development, can be and is often certified. Even individual software systems can be certified as having particular non-functional properties, including safety, security or privacy. However, the latter type of certification (e.g. Common Criteria) has had only a limited use to this day. Current trends in the IT industry suggest that software systems in the future will be very different from their counterparts today, due to greater adoption of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) and the wider spread of the deployment of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). These trends point to large-scale, heterogeneous ICT infrastructures hosting applications that are dynamically built from loosely-coupled, well-separated services, where key non-functional properties like security, privacy, and reliability will be of increased and critical importance. In such scenarios, certifying software properties will be crucial. Current certification schemes, however, are either insufficient in addressing the needs of such scenarios or not applicable at all and thus, they cannot be used to support and automate run-time security assessment.

As a result, today’s certification schemes simply do not provide, from an end-user perspective, a reliable way to assess the trustworthiness of a composite applications in the context where (and at the time when) it will be actually executed.

ASSERT4SOA will fill this gap by producing novel techniques and tools – fully integrated within the SOA lifecycle – for expressing, assessing and certifying security properties for complex service-oriented applications, composed of distributed software services that may dynamically be selected, assembled and replaced, and running within complex and continuously evolving software ecosystems.


fp7-100ASSERT4SOA is funded by the European Commission, Framework 7


Ernesto Damiani
Professor - Lab Coordinator