Business Process Engineering

This course examines business processes and the role of information technologies in supporting them. The course covers business process analysis, design and implementation, including workflow computing issues. Case studies are used in to familiarize students with core organizational processes, fostering a working knowledge of enterprise process modeling.

Validity of BPE written exam

The written exam grade expires on the twelfth month after the exam date.
More precisely, within the end of the month with the same name.
For instance, an exam passed on June 19th 2020 si valid until June 30th 2021: by that time the corresponding project has to be completed and discussed with success.

The only exception is the following: written exams passed within the solar year 2019, thus within the previous edition of the course (held by Prof. Ernesto Damiani) have time until January 31st, 2021. In other words, not all the exams passed within the previous edition of the course have this option: only those passed within the solar year 2019.


Be able to analyze, model, and design a process.
Understand the role of process analysis and workflow in Business Process Management (BPM)
Have a basic understanding of the process of workflow management analysis.
Develop knowledge regarding process modeling techniques and tools, and skills in using workflow design tool


  • Written examination: 30.00%
  • The written examination is considered valid if the grade is >= 18/30
  • Team Design Project and presentation: 70.00%
  • Extra points will be given during lessons with specific homeworks.
  • Assigments: Readings and Research Papers – Besides the reading list given below, each student will be encouraged to search the web and find current journal articles related to the course.

6 credits
INSTRUCTOR: Ernesto Damiani

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