Big Data Supporting Public Hearing Health Policies


The EVOTION project generates evidence to support integrated decision support in a platform for the creation of holistic hearing loss management policies. The EVOTION platform includes big data analytics and enable the collection and analysis of heterogeneous data related to hearing loss.

According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions and the 5th cause of disability. Hearing loss increases the risk of cognitive decline, mental illness, and depression, and leads to social isolation, unemployment/early retirement, loss of income and work discrimination. The main intervention for hearing loss is the provision of Hearing Aids, although their use is costly and their benefits not sufficient in all situations.

Holistic management of hearing loss calls for appropriate public health policies which target hearing loss prevention, protection from noise, early diagnosis, long-term treatment and rehabilitation, detection and prevention of cognitive decline, and socioeconomic inclusion of patients with hearing loss.

The evidential basis is generated by accessing existing big datasets from five of its partner organisations and continuous collection of real time data produced by sensors and Hearing Aids used by patients with hearing loss. The collected data consists of hearing aid usage, noise episodes (temporary threshold shifts), audiological, physiological, cognitive, clinical and medication, personal, occupational, behavioural, life style, environmental, and open web data.

The EVOTION platform will help health care professionals and health policy makers to identify, simulate, select and monitor the effectiveness of current and new hearing loss interventions.

The EVOTION platform, as a system prototype demonstration in operational environment, enables:

Analysis of big heterogeneous datasets to enable the identification of causal and other effects amongst them
Formation of policy decision making processes focusing on the selection of effective interventions in holistic hearing loss management
Formulation of related public health policies
Specification and monitoring of such policies in a sustainable manner
To achieve this, EVOTION brings together public health policy organisations, experts and authorities. Combining the holistic perspective to management of hearing loss with the social and occupational inclusion and well-being of patients with hearing loss, the project will effectively support and validate the formation of the targeted policies.


Ernesto Damiani
Professor - Lab Coordinator

Marco Anisetti

Marco Cremonini

Valerio Bellandi

Fulvio Frati