7th IEEE International Workshop on Security Aspects of Process and Services Engineering

SAPSE 2015: 7th IEEE International Workshop on
Security Aspects of Process and Services Engineering

SAPSE aims to foster cooperation among software practitioners and researchers in order to exchange the latest industrial experience and research ideas on the security of services and processes engineering.

The area of processes and services engineering is a very attractive field for innovative research, particularly in the last few years, during which the outsourcing of business processes to the cloud has become a popular paradigm for both small and big companies. The outsourcing of data, services, processes and infrastructures on remote platforms provided by third parties is posing important new challenges, especially those related to security, as the resulting software systems are expected to function correctly and also resist malicious attacks under different changing threat scenarios. New techniques and methodologies are needed to enable the development of more robust and trusted systems, where security is taken into account and integrated in the whole design process from the very first stages.

Researchers and practitioners all over the world, from both academia and industry, working in the areas of process engineering, service-oriented computing, and security are invited to discuss state of the art solutions, novel issues, recent developments, applications, methodologies, techniques, experience reports, and tools for the development and use of secure service oriented systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Trust, security, and privacy in cloud and/or service based systems
  • Secure business process composition
  • Security of business processes over the cloud
  • Risk management in business processes
  • Trust and policy management in the cloud
  • Service dependability, survivability, and reliability
  • Design and development of secure services
  • Security specification of service oriented systems
  • Certification of cloud-based systems
  • Verification, validation and testing of security properties