I3D – Image Database for Denoising and Demosaicing

Techniques exist to reconstruct missing information or to enhance an image and specific sets of test images are needed to evaluate the results. However, most used databases are quite old or not representative of modern cameras results.

The Image Database for Denoising and Demosaicing (I3D) can be exploited to test the performance of image processing algorithms, in particular demosaicing and denoising methods. It is composed by 20 images, both natural and synthetic, and they can be used as test for full-reference image quality metrics. Synthetic images have been created with both 2D and 3D software, while natural images have been capture with a high-end digital camera.

To request access to the database, please accept the following items and submit the following form:

  • to use the images for research purposes only;
  • not to provide the images to second parties.