Seminario: Android Development and Hacking

Giovedì 21 maggio – 15:00-17:00 – Aula

HTUniversità degli Studi di Milano – Sede di Crema

Dipartimento di Informatica

Via Bramante, 65

Crema (CR)


Fabrizio Cornelli

Quality Assurance Manager



Software Engineering principles, traditionally, drives software development. A developer reads the technical documentation, follows coding best practices, and works to produce reliable systems. We call this approach to software production “the Software Engineering method”.

Another approach exists, however, antitethical and complementar that we call “the Hacking method”. A hacker – an abused and mislead definition, often – naturally tends to lateral thinking, believes that official technical documentation could be unreliable, and prefers code reversing techniques to verify implementation details.

Historically, in IT development and in Infosecurity, the two approaches have been considered mutually exclusive and the stereotyped representation of two apparently incompatible profiles: on the one hand, the IT professional of the corporate world developing solutions for improving systems security and, on the other hand, the independent developer that most of the time defaces web sites for fun or for profit.

These are stereotypes that still hold and are shared, but that no longer describes the reality of many companies and of many innovative projects. There are problems and scenarios that requires both approaches and methods: hacking to invent new and unforeseeable solutions, software engineering to make a product out of them.

As a case study, the seminar will describe a developing methodology for a hypothetical monitoring tool for Android to be used in investigative activities.


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