BT scientist appointed visiting professor at Computer Science Department

Prof. Rasool Asal is Chief Researcher at British Telecommunications Research and Innovation, UK and heads up BT cloud security research team at the EBTIC innovation centre in the United Arab Emirates.

And now, he’s been appointed as an industrial visiting professor for the university. It follows a five-year collaboration with the SESAR Lab on research into cloud assurance.
He’s hosted lectures on a range of key areas including cloud services, the Internet of Things security and network virtualisation.
The Director of the computer science department, Prof. Goffredo Haus, says Rasool’s insights will enhance the experience of PhD students and help the university forge closer links with EBTIC.

Prof. Asal says: “I’m honoured by this appointment which will enable me to support research that helps to develop new innovations. My main focus will be on cloud security and security measures for the Internet of Things.”