Second IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Computing - 2018 IEEE World Congress on Services

The 2018 IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Computing (ICCC 2018) focuses on integration of cognitive computing with service computing for providing intelligence as a service. Technical topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

I. Cognitive Computing Technologies and Infrastructure

  • Cognitive Computing Fundamentals such as Mind, Language, Perception, Memory, Attention, Reasoning, Emotion, Prediction, and Problem Solving
  • Cognitive Computing Techniques using Artificial Intelligence, Pattern and Speech Recognition, and Natural Language Processing
  • Cognitive Approaches using Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Techniques
  • Consciousness and Awareness
  • Cognitive Data Analytics
  • Systems for Brain – Machine Interface
  • Collective Intelligence and Wisdom
  • Semantics for Conversation and Pragmatics
  • Service Science for Cognitive Computing

II. Cognitive Computing Systems and Applications

  • Deep Learning for Cognition
  • Brain Analysis for Cognition
  • Big Data Infrastructure for Cognition
  • Distributed Processing for Cognition
  • Consciousness and Awareness Framework
  • Cognitive Agents and Robots
  • Semantics for Conversation and Pragmatics
  • Service Technologies for Cognitive Computing
  • Cyber cognitive systems and services
  • Internet of Cognitive Things
  • Big Data Analytics for Cognition

III. Intelligence of Innovation Lifecycle and Sensing

  • Intelligence Innovation Lifecycle (Such as Intelligence Producing, Extracting, Understanding, Perceiving, Responding, Inferencing, Correlating, Propagating, Billing, Exchanging, Trading, Replicating, Destroying, and Repairing)Cognitive Sensing (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch)
  • Cognitive Data (Image, Sound, Text, Web Data, Sensor Data, and Machine Generated Data)
  • Cognitive Environment (Kinesthesia, Balance, Acceleration, and Internal Stimuli)


General chair: Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Asia University, Taiwan;
General co-chair: Ernesto Damiani, University of Milan, Italy;
Program chair: Xiaoqing “Frank” Liu, University of Arkansas, USA;
Program co-chair: Incheon Paik, University of Aizu, Japan.