11th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology

IIT’15 is technically sponsored by IEEE Computer Society. Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publication Services, and will be submitted for publication in Computer Society Digital Library indexed in IEEE Xplore digital library, and all other global indices. Extended papers will be published in a Springer Book, indexed in Springer global indices, one of the largest databases in the world and Scopus including citations.

Selected papers from IIT’15 will be invited for possible publications in special issues of journals.


The International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology 2015 (IIT’15) is a forum that addresses the latest ideas in information technology (IT). The theme of IIT’15 is Smart Cities and all of the software and hardware technologies that are required to provide better living conditions in the cities of tomorrow. This theme will be reflected by a number of tracks which focus on different aspects of related technologies such as Big Data, cloud computing, collaborative platforms, communication infrastructures, smart health, smart learning, social participation, sustainable development and energy management. All of those themes will be brought together by unifying invited keynotes and panels.


Topics of interest include but not limited to the following major tracks/themes. Research papers are invited but not limited to the following areas:

 Track A: Innovations in Information and Communication Infrastructures

– Advanced Network Technologies, Heterogeneous networks, and Real Time Networks

– Quality of Services

– Next Generation of Mobile Networks

– Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks

– Distributed Systems, Grid Computing

– Smart Grid

– Mobility Management and Mobile computing

– Information and Cyber Security for Smart Living Spaces

Track B: Internet of Things (IoT)

– ICT Architecture for IoT

– System design, Modeling and Simulation

– Grid Computing , and Cloud Computing

– Real-Time Systems for IoT, Autonomic Systems

– Security, Privacy, Trust and Reliability

– Software Design and Development of IoT-Based Applications

– Intelligent Data Processing

– Smart Appliances & Wearable Computing Devices

Track C: Smart Collaborative Platforms and Logistics

– Agile Information Systems

– Design, Modeling and Simulation of Collaborative Applications

– Practice and Experiences of Collaborative Applications

– Risk Management, Smart Business

– Middleware Support for Collaboration

– Real-Time Information Sharing and Interaction

– AI and Decision-Support Systems

Track D: Big Data and Smart Applications

– Big Data Analytics and Algorithms

– High Performance Computing and Real-Time of Big Data Processing

– Big Data Storage and Distribution

– Data Mining

– Grid Computing and Cloud Computing

– Middleware for Smart Applications

– e-Health, Smart Learning, Intelligent Processing and Intelligent Applications

Track E: Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

– Theory, Tools and Applications

– System Design, Modeling and Simulation

– Testbeds and Experiences

– Algorithms for Energy Efficiency

– Middleware

– Design and Development of Protocols for Sustainable energy

– Design and Development of Secure and Resilient Systems