International Rural and Elderly Health Informatics Conference

The main objective of the IREHI conference is to bring together, on a site, researchers in information technology, healthcare, professionals in ICT industries, public and community health agencies and agencies committed to improve and transform healthcare in rural areas and for the elderly. IREHI Conference would further enable direct exchanges between researchers and stakeholders from industrialized and developing countries, on healthcare issues in rural areas and for the elderly people.Additionally, it helps to share implementation initiatives conducted in both developed and developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan African countries, and discuss the conditions of success and constraints, and best approaches for transposing these experiences, aiming at developing national ICT policy frameworks for healthcare system and contributing to the achievement of UHC objectives. It will furthermore help to discuss the interoperability of high-performance tools, conditions and modalities for transferring technical resources at affordable cost to developing countries in multisectorial integration strategy (health – education – agriculture – environment), in order to address specific challenges healthcare and rural development, aiming to improving care and elderly well-being.