Journal of Sensors: Special Issue on Embedded Systems for Mobile Sensors


In the era of IoT, embedded systems based on mobile sensor ideas turn into increasing compound and need understanding in various training tools such as signal processing, artificial intelligence, and multimedia communication. After a long period of computational capacity centralization, we are facing a period where the computation capacity is migrating back to the periphery of the systems and then to smart objects and sensors. Currently, IoT is constituted of computationally heterogeneous devices for which the ability of execute preelaborations or complete processing is fundamental as well as the ability of doing them, keeping low power consumptions and maintaining a certain level of security. The combination of signal processing techniques for embedded systems is a principal and timely research in mobile sensors and communications. The aim of this special issue is to foster high quality research papers that articulate recent advancements on the subject, highlight open research issues and challenges, and indicate future directions. This special issue is expected to captivate and spark novel research on the next generation on sensors networks design, architecture, algorithms, and protocols for the existing and prospective applications.

We invite investigators to contribute original research articles as well as review articles that will stimulate the continuing efforts to understand the mobile sensors using fundamental or applied algorithms for embedded systems.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Next generation of sensors network architecture
  • Cloud-assisted sensors networks
  • New generation of multimedia sensors
  • Multimedia techniques for mobile sensor device
  • New algorithm for geolocation of mobile devices
  • Embedded system for data processing and for wireless signal transfer
  • Embedded security in mobile device
  • Embedded system using active noise control
  • Mobile sensors and multimedia system design methodologies and case studies
  • Spatial and temporal estimation and protection of media streams
  • Image resizing technique using multiple sensors
  • Big data analytics for embedded system
  • Intelligent sensors for embedded system
  • Distributed computation, in-network processing, and data mining
  • Case studies or applications of mobile sensors

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