Stefan Koch, Bogazici University, Turkey

International Journal of Open Source Software & Processes – IJOSSP

An Official Publication of the Information Resources Management Association New in 2009

The Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Open Source Software and Processes (IJOSSP) would like to invite you to consider submitting a manuscript for inclusion in this scholarly journal. The following describes the mission, coverage, and guidelines for submission to IJOSSP.


The International Journal of Open Source Software and Processes (IJOSSP) publishes high-quality original research articles on the large field of open source software and processes. The primary mission is to enhance our understanding of this field and neighboring areas by providing a focused outlet for rigorous research employing a multitude of approaches.


IJOSSP adopts an inclusive approach in its coverage. Therefore papers from software engineering, management, sociology, and other areas, as well as different research approaches are welcome. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business models for open source and other community-created artifacts
  • Case studies of open source projects, their participants and/or their development process
  • Characteristics of open source software projects, products, and processes
  • Communication and coordination in open source projects
  • Customer co-creation and user participation in (software) design
  • Economic analyses of open source
  • Economics of a distributed innovation process
  • Evolution of both open source software artifacts and open source communities
  • Implications of open source software for functional areas like public administration or teaching
  • Legal issues of open source software
  • Motivation of participants in open source projects and other distributed development efforts
  • Open science and open knowledge
  • Open source adoption and quality
  • Open source software development processes
  • Usage and adoption of open source software in different application areas and/or countries
  • User-centered innovation processes
  • Please note that despite the title, IJOSSP acknowledges, embraces, and covers other respective forms and definitions of similar nature, like free software or libre software. Therefore, each occurrence of open source should be read as free/libre/open source.