Process Mining Paper Nominated for Best Student Paper Award at BPM2019

A paper written by a team of researchers from Khalifa University and SESAR Lab, that offers a new process mining solution that helps companies develop more accurate and insightful business process models, was nominated for the Best Student Paper Award at the 17th International Conference on Business Processing Management 2019, which took place earlier this month in Vienna.

The paper, which was one of three to be nominated for the selective award, was authored by PhD student Ghalia Tello, Dr. Gabriele Gianini, SESAR Lab member and Senior Researcher at the Emirates ICT Innovation Center (EBTIC), Dr. Rabeb Mizouni, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering, and Professor Ernesto Damiani, Director of SESAR Lab and Senior Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Institute and of the Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS).

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