15 May 2015

Seminar: A Resilience Based View of Business Process Re-engineering and Other Matters

The lecture will introduce students to a view of BPE as both a resilience impacting and a resilience based process. Conceptual model of Organisational Resilience developed jointly with Carl Gibson and Shaharudin  Ismail will be presented and its implications for BPE projects presented. Problems with BPE projects, relating to true ROI and Post Adoption Trauma […]

07 May 2015

Seminario: Android Development and Hacking

Giovedì 21 maggio – 15:00-17:00 – Aula Università degli Studi di Milano – Sede di Crema Dipartimento di Informatica Via Bramante, 65 Crema (CR) Speaker Fabrizio Cornelli Quality Assurance Manager HackingTeam   Software Engineering principles, traditionally, drives software development. A developer reads the technical documentation, follows coding best practices, and works to produce reliable […]